Malkiat and Renata

Lifestylers an Exhibition, Opening at 3:30pm on Sunday 9 August 2015

 The Chamber Gallery 141 Percival Street, Rangiora, New Zealand

New Zealand has a unique type of person who is not characterised by class, race, creed or financial status.
These people are from a variety of backgrounds that reflects a New Zealand ideal,
which sadly is rapidly being forgotten and ignored.

Not all of these people own a lifestyle block, not all of them own the land they stand on, but all have a connection with the land,
from subsistence farming to painters of the land.
These are people who have a connection with the Land irrespective of their background.
Normally very private hidden behind hedges and fences,
they have consented to being part of this project.

I sent out a letter posted by hand and on social media asking for people to
take part I this project, and have had a large number of replies. The following exhibition is part of this ongoing project.

In this project I have been met with old world warmth, that I thought was lost or forgotten since we all helped each other in the Earthquake.
I hope my portraits portray the hidden community that I have called Lifestylers.

The letter:

My name is John Maillard, I am a photographer, my specialty is landscape photography and community photography.
I have worked as a photographer around the world for more than 30 years in a variety of ways, from West Africa to the USA.
Part of my work is based around the rural landscape in my local area; I am always out photographing in the hills and coast around this area.
I have also been photographing the rural landscape.

While engaged in this project I have come to realise that the rural landscape is protected and looked after by those who live in it.
I have collaborated in three books about the rural landscape and community halls of New Zealand, my work has been widely exhibited.
This year I would like to make a series of photographs that document the local people who live, work in, and look after our rural communities.
To this end I would like to make an environmental portrait of you and your family for an exhibition in August. If you are willing for me to take your portrait for this project

I will give you a print free of charge on 17 x 22 inch archival paper.
Please text, email or phone me if you would like to be part of this project.