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Totaranui Beach, ten seconds of time.

Totaranui Beach by John Maillard

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Totaranui Beach, ten seconds of time captures ten seconds of time in one photograph.

Totaranui is a 1 km long beach and the site of a large campsite in the Nelson region, New Zealand administered by theDepartment of Conservation (DoC).

It is located in Abel Tasman National Park toward the northern end of the Abel Tasman Track and is often used as a starting or finishing point for the walk.

Originally a farming settlement, the only permanent residents now are DoC staff. However, during summer the population is swollen by up to 1000 campers plus hikers on the track. Water taxi services from Marahau link Totaranui with other localities around the Park coastline, while a road links Totaranui with Takaka via Pigeon Saddle.

Farming ceased after the foundation of the Abel Tasman National Park in 1942 and forest has been allowed to naturally regenerate through manuka and kanuka to its original mix of southern beech and lowland podocarp.

Totaranui is noted for the golden colour of its sand, more intense than other beaches in the Park, the result of a high content of orthoclase minerals in the eroded granite sands of the vicinity.

Print signed by John Maillard on 17x22inch etching paper, with a handling edge.

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Drift Wood at Birdling’s Beach

Wooden Bones on the beach, Birdlings flat.

Birdling’s FlatPrint signed by John Maillard on 17x22inch etching paper, with a handling edge.

Birdling’s Flat is a pebble beach that is part of Kaitorete Spit. The beach is well known as a place to find small agates and a variety of other attractive rounded pebbles. Due to strong ocean currents, swimming and surfing is not advised.

Ten seconds of water, sky, land and peace

Birdling’s Flat is named for the Birdling family, who were the first European Settlers to farm the area. William Birdling was the first member of the Birdling family to arrive in New Zealand. He was employed by George Rhodes in 1843 to come to Banks Peninsula and work as his overseer. William built a house, Waikoko, in the area which was later to bear his name.

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latest Landscape, west coast, New Zealand.

Winter sea by John Maillard

This beach is next to the Paparoa National Park, west coast, New Zealand. I was staying in the Eco hotel here, which is on the beach, as the sun went down I couldn’t resist climbing on the rocks and take pictures just before it got dark.

Paparoa National Park is on the west coast of the South Island of New Zealand. It was established in 1987 and encompasses 306 km2. The park ranges from on or near the coastline to the peak of the Paparoa Ranges. A separate section of the park lies to the north and is centered at Ananui Creek.

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Pictures are experiences for me, I have spent a lot of time in galleries looking at pictures, the eyes of those painted, the human look, the gaze.

I would like my images to be the other way round. A look through my eyes, with my prejudice and sense of time. Give a sense of the time it physically took for me to revisit this place and make a picture.

The chore of unpacking, setting up, keeping the dog out of the picture, getting out of the way of walkers and answering questions. Then in the end looking inside myself to make a picture in a moment of calm.