The Inuit have hundreds of words for snow, that’s not so strange considering were they live.

As I was running tonight, I realised my project is more about paths then marks.

A path, paths is everything to us. We follow paths, we come to the end of the road, path. Its not the right path, take a turn for the worse.

As I splashed though puddles and ran on gravel, I realised there so many words about paths, muddy, hard easy going, damp, wet, easy, slippy, firm, dry, rocky in places, hard to see, easy to loose, as clear as the day, hidden from view, spongy, fast and slow.

There are so many words and uses for paths, even a terrorist organisation named after paths, “The shining path”.

We are migratory I guess, far in the past and now, the path is all we live for. Even life is thought as a path. Enlightenment is a path, for a whole supermarket of Religions.

So are we metaphysically, Physically, emotionally and scientifically on a path?

Far in the past we started a path to survive and its our whole existence.

How do you photograph that?