Controlled Remote Viewing services

What is Controlled Remote Viewing?

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Remote Viewing is the first and so far only controlled applicable and scientifically provable method to gain information through extrasensory (non-local) perception.

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Protocol based Remote Viewing is a technique that was jointly developed in the 1980s in the USA by the military, intelligence services and researchers. For more than 20 years the technique was researched and tested in secret and was used for PSI espionage before it became public in 1995. Today, Remote Viewing can be learned and used as a private person.

This technique differs from other extrasensory and psychic methods by its strictly technical implementation and scientifically verifiable functionality. The ability to work as a Remote Viewer with this technology is acquired through practice and experience in the method and not through a “gift” or talent as in other mediumistic approaches.

Remote viewing is performed in the operational domain in the form of sessions. The use of a formalized protocol ensures that no unwanted interpretations creep in and that the data remain as clean as possible from any analytical overlay. These sessions are either worked out solo by the “viewer” or in teamwork, where one person (the “viewer“) receives and writes down the data, while the second person (the “monitor“) is guiding the session. (from

About my skills

I am a trained Controlled Remote Viewer with a variable accuracy average from 60% to 80%.

My viewing covers many areas, normally CRV practitioners have areas of strength for example locations, colours, sounds, identifiable biologicals. I am considered a generalist.

Many companies, governments and individuals use CRV practitioners and are aware the results are variable. I offer no guarantees.

I am a member of IRVA the International Remote Viewing Association and follow their ethical guidlines.

I offer services in the following areas (all targets are required to be blind).

Ethical Corporate future predictions (future product performance, best selling line item, competitors best product performance) Corporate remote viewing and intuitive intelligence work is available per-case basis. We can discuss your company’s needs and work out an appropriate fee schedule, depending on the type of work needed and the time involved.

Currency, Stock and Crypto predictions ( rising and falling market) Corporate remote viewing and intuitive intelligence work is available on a per-case basis. We can discuss the needs of your company and work out a fee schedule that is appropriate, depending on the type of work needed and the time involved.

Missing persons, (I will only work with law enforcement and rescue services through a monitor, no direct contact with relatives)

Life Path, Career Choice, Personal Guidance Targets:

A project of this type includes:

  • Your question (For example: “What is my ideal career that will provide me the greatest level of happiness, satisfaction and/or fulfillment?”)
  • A full detailed viewing
  • A summary report based on the full viewing

The cost of the session and summary report is $1500, which includes the skills of one remote viewer, one monitor, and one project manager.

You may request to utilise the services of multiple viewers for your project. Each additional viewer increases the cost by $1000.

You may choose to ask additional questions. Each additional question (beyond the first question of the type noted above) increases the cost by $1000 per question, per viewer.

There are no guarantees for this type of work, due to the many variables involved.

The future is not set in stone and there are elements that can be changed.

Variables that can affect the desired outcome include:

  • Time frames
  • Conditions at the location being viewed
  • Changes in the life of the person who’s life is being viewed
  • How the information is interpreted and
  • How the information is utilised.