Storm By The Petrified Forest, Catlins


Storm By The Petrified Forest, Catlins.

Curio bay, the Catlins.

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Storm By The Petrified Forest, Catlins

Print signed by John Maillard on 17x22inch etching paper, with a handling edge.

Curio Bay is a coastal embayment in the Southland District of New Zealand, best known as the site of a petrified forest some 180 million years old. It also hosts a yellow-eyed penguin colony, arguably the rarest of penguin species, with approximately 1600 breeding pairs in the extant population. The bay, along with neighbouring Porpoise Bay, is home to the endemic Hector’s dolphin. Southern right whales are occasionally observed offshore, as on numerous parts of the country’s coast. Located near the southernmost point of the South Island.