Lake Wakatipu from Ten seconds of water, sky, land and peace

About John Maillard

John Maillard has exhibited in galleries around New Zealand and the United Kingdom for over two decades. He has been a photojournalist and a commercial photographer in many countries from west Africa to San Francisco. John has specialised in documenting people and landscapes. For the past twelve years John has been studying New Zealand landscapes and in particular the culture of rural New Zealand, assembling a body of work which will reflect his love for this country. John has worked as a photographer in many countries around the world, notably, Gambia and west Africa, the United States and Europe.


2014        Art Box “community Halls” solo show
2014       Collected works Nut point center
2014       Public Space. Container image, landscape on four containers, center of
Sumner, NZ.
2012       Summer show Nut point center NZ
2012       time-lapse  with live performance by Roy Montgomery, the Physics
2011       Selected Landscapes Alexis Gallery
2010       Selected Landscapes Alexis Gallery
2009       Sole Contributing photographer for a projected multimedia display
at the Christchurch winter festival.
2009       COCA Christchurch, ‘New Work’ (November)
2008       COCA Christchurch, ‘Paths’
2008       Two Rivers Gallery, Cheviot, ‘Time and Paths’
2002.       CPIT School Art and design, ‘Digital printmaking’.
1999.       Moot Hall, Daventry, ‘Isle of Man Landscapes.’
1998.       Banbury college of Art, Landscapes, still lives and digital
images  of the ‘Isle of Man.’
1987        Wyvern Theatre Arts centre, Swindon.

Group exhibitions
2014        Chambers 241 gallery group show
2013.      “Unknowable” With Wendy Clarke, John Maillard, Stefan Roberts.
2013        Wellington academy of Arts. Cliff to Clay group show NZ
2012        Chambers 241 group show
2007        CPIT Staff Show, COCA Christchurch
2004.       Barbie Aotearoa, COCA Christchurch.
2001.       Road mender, Arts Center, Northampton. Arts Week.
1999.       Oxo Tower, the South Bank, London.

1997,  1998, 1998. 1999
The Mill Arts Centre, Banbury,
1985        Commonwealth Centre, London, Images of Malta.